Why did SignalRAY not identify an issue?

SignalRAY™, similar to blood work, is only able to identify normals and abnormals for specific test results. It is important to understand that SignalRAY can only identify the specific test results is has been trained to find, which is this specific list of test panels.

SignalRAY's current test panels are designed to address the most common reasons radiographs are needed for companion animals – vomiting, coughing, diarrhoea, and lameness. Our test panels were created to support over 80% of routine radiographic findings for GP and emergency practitioners in such cases.

We currently support over 50 radiographic test panels. You can see a complete list of those panels below.

Screenshot 2023-05-09 at 20.58.25As always, it is up to you the doctor to put all the puzzle pieces together, including the SignalRAY test results, clinical signs of the patient, patient history, lab work and so forth.

One example of something you may not find in a SignalRAY report is megacolon. Your doctor may see megacolon and the AI doesn’t detect it as being abnormal. It is not that the AI is wrong, rather, in this case, megacolon is not one of the test results currently supported by SignalRAY – meaning, the AI system has not been trained to look for that particular finding and therefore will not provide a normal or abnormal test result.

SignalPET® is always working on adding new tests that can support the clinicians in their everyday work. We routinely announce the release of new tests via email and in-app notifications.