Introducing SignalPET

Our mission & vision

At SignalPET, we're veterinarians serving fellow veterinarians. Our team knows firsthand the daily challenges of optimizing clinical workflows and providing the best possible care. That insider perspective guides everything we do.

We created SignalPET to establish a new standard of care by harnessing innovative technology. Our system empowers vets with enhanced diagnostic capabilities right at their fingertips. We help detect subtle clues that impact treatment plans and save lives.

Everything about SignalPET is designed to improve veterinary medicine from within. Our machine learning algorithms are trained on millions of medical images annotated by vets, for vets. We continually refine our system based on real-world use and feedback from the veterinary community.

Our mission is to arm veterinary professionals with cutting-edge tools that elevate patient outcomes. We want to shape the future of veterinary medicine for the better—one that leverages advanced technology to support vets' unmatched expertise. By working together, we can achieve our shared goal of providing every animal with the highest quality care.