SignalRAY Update - March 2021

At SignalPET, we are committed to improving based on the feedback from our clinicians as they use our industry-leading AI technology. Please take a moment to review new enhancements to SignalRAY and SignalRAY reports, and learn how they can impact SO


SignalRAY now provides the most common differential diagnoses for abnormal test results, enabling clinicians to more confidently and effortlessly conduct case workup, assessment, and plan. Paired with the newly defined parameters for abnormal test results (see below), clinicians now have a complete picture of what is being signaled in the image, and what it means for diagnosis and treatment. 

SignalRAY App Updates

When an abnormal test is clicked, you will instantly know what the AI was looking for, and what an abnormal finding may indicate in terms of next steps or diagnosis.

By providing the parameters by which the AI was screening, and what diagnosis it may lead to, you now have a more complete picture of how to move forward with the case, and what next steps should be taken for treatment.


SignalPET Report Updates

One of the requests we often receive is for a more traditional radiology report that outlines the abnormal test differentials and Differential Diagnoses (DDX). We’re pleased to announce this enhancement is now available for all of your studies going forward! Our goal with this change is to help SignalPET doctors understand what exactly the radiology tests are looking for, so a clear path for treatment can be established based on the abnormalities that were found. 


Communicating to Clients Using SignalRAY Reports

Using SignalRAY’s updated reports, clinicians can now have more informed, guided conversations about their pet’s radiograph with clients at the point of care. Radiology can be a significant added cost to a routine check or sick visit, and using the SignalRAY report to help clients understand its value not only helps to mitigate sticker shock, but also understand that their animal is receiving top-quality care.

SignalPET intentionally chose to provide clinical language on the enhanced report to empower doctors to be thoughtful and intentional around providing detail to a client about an abnormal finding. Some abnormal findings on a radiology report are much less concerning than others.  Doctors can choose to share as much or as little as required with a client in the exam room.