Severe attachment loss of alveolar bone (TAL)

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  • Defining characteristics:
    Attachment loss is used as an indicator of periodontal disease.

  • Common differential diagnoses:
    Severe loss of alveolar bone has been identified in the region around the root or roots; four red bars indicate 50% loss or grade 4 periodontal disease, and two red bars indicates between 25% and 50% loss or grade 3 periodontal disease.

  • Helpful additional data:
    Has there been a decrease in appetite?  Or the patient appears hungry but is unwilling to eat?

  • Commonly associated treatments:
    Consider extracting the tooth if grade 4 periodontal disease.  If lower grade, consider perioceutic treatment or root planing. 

  • Commonly associated home care:
    Depending on the tooth removed, consider soft food for 1-2 weeks