Rib fracture (RFX)

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  • Defining characteristics:
    Disruption of the cortex in one or multiple ribs

  • Common differential diagnoses:
    Traumatic fracture, healing fracture, pathologic fracture, artifactual due to positioning

  • Helpful additional data:
    Was there a trauma (vehicular, dog attack, etc)? History of respiratory distress or severe coughing?

  • Commonly associated diagnostics:
    Consider a thoracic ultrasound. Consider *SignalCare MDB in advance of medical or surgical therapy.

  • Commonly associated treatments:
    Discuss analgesia, consider strict cage confinement, discuss surgical options, and consider compression wrap. Treatment of underlying pulmonary disease.

  • Commonly associated home care:
    Strict cage rest, analgesia


*SignalCare MDB = CBC/Chemistry/Urinalysis/Thoracic ultrasound/Abdominal ultrasound