Pregnancy (FUD)

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  • Defining characteristics: 

    Mineralized fetal skeletons have been identified. Uterine distension is due to pregnancy.

  • Common differential diagnoses:


  • Helpful additional data:
    Does the patient have a pot-bellied appearance? Is there evidence of enlarged mammary glands, nesting behaviour, etc.?

  • Commonly associated diagnostics: 



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  • Commonly associated treatment:

  • Commonly associated home care:
    Monitor ambient temperature daily until there is a drop of 1C. Ensure the patient is comfortable and feels safe when going into labor.


Pregnancy Mass Effect (FAM)

****When mineralized fetal skeletons are present, pregnancy will lead to displacement of abdominal organs and limited visibility within the abdomen. Due to these changes, specific test results may not appear in your SignalRAY report. If there is concern for an abdominal mass or other pathology, consider additional imaging such as ultrasound.