Patellar Luxation (PLX)

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  • Defining characteristics: 

    Displacement of the patella from the femoral groove, could be lateral or medial

  • Common differential diagnoses:

    Medial patellar luxation, lateral patellar luxation, positioning, other

  • Helpful additional data:
    Is there any evidence of hindlimb lameness? Is there an absence of a cranial drawer? Is the patient toe-touching?

  • Commonly associated diagnostics: 

    Correlate with orthopedic examination. If there is a concern for patellar luxation, consider repeat radiographs with pelvic limbs extended causally.

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  • Commonly associated treatment:
    Surgery to stabilize the patella may be indicated if no other source of lameness is identified and signs cannot be medically managed

  • Commonly associated home care:
    Consider analgesic and monitor response to therapy. Consider cage rest