Bronchial pulmonary pattern (BPP)

Screenshot 2023-08-23 at 09.29.53Screenshot 2023-08-23 at 09.32.12

  • View:
    Lateral and VD

  • Defining characteristics:
    Thickening and increased opacity of the bronchial walls, inflammation of the lungs

  • Common differential diagnoses:
    Allergic disease, asthma, infectious (bacterial/fungal), age-related changesScreenshot 2023-08-23 at 09.33.52

  • Helpful additional data:
    Has there been coughing? Does it appear to be seasonal?

  • Commonly associated diagnostics:
    Consider tracheal wash

  • Commonly associated treatments:
    Discuss empiric treatment (steroids, bronchodilators)

  • Commonly associated home care:
    Monitor at home for ongoing or worsening symptoms