Announcement: SignalCONSULT is here!

Comprehensive Point Of Care Radiograph Interpretation by Radiologists

SignalPET is committed to creating a path for optimum pet healthcare. By providing innovative solutions integrating Artificial Intelligence and Human Intelligence, SignalPET enhances the clinic's capabilities for radiograph interpretation and high-quality care with Radiologists on staff.

SignalCONSULT is a radiology consult service where you can send your study to a board-certified radiologist and receive a certified report within 24 hours for just $75 for any study submitted. This service is particularly useful for cases that require a more thorough evaluation and diagnosis by a specialist.

How Does it work?

When you wish for a radiologist review:
Log in to the SignalPET application, select the study, then click the ACTIONS button on the top right corner of the screen.

Choose CONSULT, type in the clinical case description, and hit SUBMIT. When the report is ready, it will be available in the app and in your email.